The era of digitization has long begun. Every industrial segment is making a shift towards the digital world. In every facet of our daily life, we are inching towards a digital world and turning it more paperless by the day. Be it your ticket reservations for travel, movies, hospital documentation, school admissions and so on… the list is growing!!!

The list now includes Libraries too! Yes, gone are those days when you could trudge to a building to read through a bunch of newspapers or wait endlessly to get a copy of the latest magazine/journal (which would have become old as by the time you can lay your hands on it, a new issue would have been published). The wait to receive your copy of the book/paper/magazine/journal is now over!! With Digitization opening up the availability of the copies in abundance, there is no limit to the number of people who can access the same book.

Why Digital

This is the thought that first comes to one, who is used to reading with hard copies. The need of the hour is to minimize the cost and also preserve the rich data and, it is the best use of technology one can put to. Maintaining and managing a physical library incurs huge costs- space, staff, preserving the books –by safeguarding from pests/rodents, from theft, damage. Also the physical book has its own life span and is subject to wear and tear with usage. The solution for all this is “Going Digital”.

Digital Library

The digitized content is the best solution to most of these problems. Under Shivamogga Smart City Limited (SSCL), the Shivamogga Digital Library is now available for all. The objective of this initiative is to provide access to digital information at libraries, schools & colleges to all at Shivamogga. Also, remote access of digital content through virtual library on cloud results in cost minimization & data preservation through use of technology. The e-Libraries provide a platform for users to seek information through well researched services implemented in user-friendly interfaces.

One can access the Digital Library from identified locations and also on cloud. All one needs to do is – register and start browsing or reading through the content. The Digital Library hosts – eBooks, eJournals, eMagazines and eNewspapers – both in regional language- Kannada and also in English.

Shivamogga Digital Library

Currently hosts content in the following areas, useful for a student

eBooks, eJournals, eMagazines, eNewspapers.

The site can be navigated by applying filters like:

By Year, By Language, By Publisher, By Author

The content for eBooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers are all available in Kannada – the Regional language apart from English.

This library also provides certain quick access links to;

National Digital Library of India


Skill India Portal

These are useful for further reading to supplement with additional information.

The Digital library is visualized to supplement student reading and help them not only with curriculum exams, but also tackle the competitive exams. For the non-student category, there is plenty to read and enrich your knowledge.

More about registering and using the Library in the next blog!

Happy browsing and exploring!!