Going Digital


The era of digitization has long begun. Every industrial segment is making a shift towards the digital world. In every facet of our daily life, we are inching towards a digital world and turning it more paperless by the day. Be it your ticket reservations for travel, movies, hospital documentation, school admissions and so on… the list is growing!!! The list now includes Libraries too! Yes, gone are those days when you could trudge to a building to read through a bunch of newspapers or wait endlessly to get a copy of the latest magazine/journal (which would have become old as [...]

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Digital Library Implementation at Shivamogga


The Shivamogga Smart City Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) setup to implement the Shivamogga Smart City plan, implemented simple and easy to use E-Library Solution at 15 locations in Shivamogga. The E-Library will be installed at Central library and the same will be replicated in other node servers installed at various locations like libraries, colleges and schools. All the work stations and other devices connecting to node server will be able to access all the resources available in E-Library portal.

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What is a Digital Library


With the advancement of information and communication technology, the rate of information explosion increases exponentially. Library digitization is nothing but the conversion of physical media of the library, i.e. books, periodical, articles, etc., into digital format (0 and 1 bit). Bits are the fundamental units of information in a computer system. Flexibility is one of the chief assets of digital information. As a result, libraries have been constantly facing the problems of space, escalation in the cost of books and journals, budget shrinkage, inability to provide multiple copies and most important is retrieval efficiency of user being endangered for want of [...]

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