Inspired By Digital India Initiative

Digital Library offers a wide range of high quality of digital content for student excellence.

Shivamogga Smart Digital Library

Shivamogga Smart City Limited (SSCL) envisages providing e-libraries which would facilitate digital information access to the users at the identified locations and in cloud. The objective of this initiative is to provide access to digital information at libraries, schools & colleges, remote access of digital content through virtual library in cloud, cost minimization & data preservation through use of technology. The e-Libraries provide a platform for users to seek information through well researched services implemented in user-friendly interfaces.

Digital Library Content for All Age Group



Digital Library is implemented in Four Public Libraries, Two PU Colleges and 9 schools in Shivamogga. The physcial infrastructure consisting of Internet, Computers, Thin Clients, Server, Wifi Access Points/Network Switches.

  • Four Public Libraries

  • Two PU Colleges

  • Nine Schools

The Digital Library software is installed in the central library. The Central library will host the application and the database servers. Local repositories are created at other three public libraries, which will be maintained in – sync with the central repository. Any update in content at the central repository will be updated at the local repository. Similar local repository of the solution is created at each schools and colleges, for accessing the Digital Library.

The citizens of Shivamogga are requested to utilize the Digital Library facilities.


Central Library, Gandhi Park, Ravindra Nagar, Shivamogga 577201.

Sharavati Nagar Library, Sharavati Nagar, Shivamogga 577201.

Ravindra Nagar Library, Ravindra Nagar, Shivamogga 577201.

Basavangudi Library, Basavangudi, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt PU College, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt Girls PU College, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

Government High School, Vinobha Nagar, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt. High School, Gadikoppa, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt. High School, Millaghata, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt. High School, Durgigudi, Shivamogga 577201.

Govt. High School, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

GGPUC – Girls High School, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

GTHS, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

GUHS, BH Road, Shivamogga 577201.

Sharada Devi Andhra Vikasa Kendra, Shivamogga 577201.